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Change Log

News and changes in the bot

2023-06-25 - FEATURE:Bot automation in 'Analysis (AI)' tab
2023-06-08 - FEATURE:In the 'Filters and Alerts' tab, in the 'Rebuy' filter group, a new parameter 'Use AI forecast' has been added
2023-05-28 - FEATURE:Forecasting exchange rates by artificial intelligence is already automated with the bot
2023-05-24 - UPDATE:Constant favourite coins for bot are available in 'Settings' tab
2023-05-08 - FEATURE:Added prediction AI to forecast coin prices
2022-08-11 - FEATURE:Added rebuy multiplier parameter proportional to coin fall
2022-08-09 - FEATURE:Added function to reset statistics for negative accounts (option on the 'Actions' tab under history charts)
2022-07-12 - FEATURE:New Binance Futures Bot is launched
2022-06-14 - FEATURE:New OKX competition has started on the "Competition" tab
2022-05-20 - UPDATE:Average filters, e.g. the average trend from now on are grouped by market, and not as before, all markets in one bag were averaged
2022-05-09 - FEATURE:Intralogic Huobi Bot launched
2022-04-29 - UPDATE:BidLevel cannot be lower than -0.5 (due to not market spam)
2022-04-22 - FEATURE:Added filters 'Number of transactions' and 'Volume' for 1 day
2022-04-17 - FEATURE:OKX Bot launched
2022-04-11 - UPDATE:The values of the days of currency life in the filters are collected again since 40 days
2022-04-02 - FEATURE:In the 'Investment' column, there is information on how many % coin has to bounce to get to zero
2022-04-02 - FEATURE:In the 'Quantity' column, there is information about the current coin value in a given default currency
2022-03-27 - FEATURE:New filters 'Transations' and 'Volume'
2022-03-13 - FEATURE:New filter 'Coin spikes'
2022-03-12 - FEATURE:New filter 'Coin price' (rate)