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Base operating currency

Attention! after changing the base operating currency, you should wait a few minutes for the statistics calculated in the new operating currency to appear

Investing limit

202.39 BUSD

Switch for submitting currency purchase offers

ATTENTION! The bot is not able to submit currencies purchase offers

Manual currency purchase

Bot offers list

ATTENTION! The bot does not submit a purchase offer. In the 'Actions' tab, there is a button for submitting purchase offers by the bot

The button below sells out all open bot positions

Coin Copy Manual Status Course Date (BID) Age Course (BID) # BIDs Capital % Quantity Value Increase % ATH % ATL % Recovery % SmartLoss TP % Min TP % Trailing % StopLoss % Share

Parent positions (no rebuy): 0
All (rebuy): 0

(Hidden items are not included in the summary above)

Share of capital

Share% of capital (all items on the board):
0% (0 BUSD)

% Share of equity (only parent positions (no rebuys) on the board):
0% (0 BUSD)

Limit of% share capital of parent positions (without rebuy):

Smart-Loss (liquidation of lossy positions)

Pool for losses: -1.16 BUSD

Bull market indicator


History of the bull market:

Exchange commission

30 days:
0.04 BUSD

Entire time range:
0.04 BUSD

Statistics ( only open transactions)

1 Day: 0 BUSD
7 days: 0 BUSD
30 days: 0 BUSD
Entire time range: 0 BUSD

Statistics ( closed only transactions)

1 Day: 0 BUSD    (transactions: 0)
(profit: 0 BUSD, loss: 0 BUSD)

7 days: 2.89 BUSD    (transactions: 1)
(profit: 2.92 BUSD, loss: -0.04 BUSD)

30 days: 2.89 BUSD    (transactions: 1)
(profit: 2.92 BUSD, loss: -0.04 BUSD)

Entire time range: 3888.64 BUSD    (transactions: 2586)
(profit: 5183.24 BUSD, loss: -1294.61 BUSD)

Statistics ( open and closed transactions)

1 Day: 0 BUSD
7 days: 2.89 BUSD
30 days: 2.89 BUSD
Entire time range: 3888.64 BUSD



Profit distribution for manual and automatic bot purchases

Manual (transactions): 2.51%
Automatic (transactions): 97.49%

Manual (profit): 2913.49 BUSD
Automatic (profit): 975.18 BUSD

Return on investment

30 days: 2.89 BUSD
2.77% with average capital invested: 104.02 BUSD

Entire time range: 3888.64 BUSD
1399.35% (per year 3168.34%) (per month 264.03%) with average capital invested: 277.89 BUSD


PHABUSD - (6 days ago) 2021-07-26 12:13:06 (0.73%) (Take-Profit) (Manual purchase in the bot)
Liquidity: 37 minutes
BID: 2021-07-26 11:35:45 (0.6844 BUSD)
ASK: 2021-07-26 12:13:06 (0.6894 BUSD)
Quantity: 584.68 PHA (400.15 BUSD)
Profit: 2.92 BUSD (2.92 BUSD)

EPSUSDT - (23 days ago) 2021-07-09 18:24:56 (-87.54%) (Delete offer)
Liquidity: 67 days
BID: 2021-05-03 06:50:20 (3.621 USDT)
ASK: 2021-07-09 18:24:56 (0.451 USDT)
Quantity: 0.10 EPS (0.36 BUSD)
Profit: -0.32 USDT (-0.32 BUSD)

SLPUSDT - (23 days ago) 2021-07-09 18:24:36 (-41.74%) (Delete offer)
Liquidity: 68 days
BID: 2021-05-02 14:25:02 (0.3924 USDT)
ASK: 2021-07-09 18:24:36 (0.2286 USDT)
Quantity: 0.10 SLP (0.04 BUSD)
Profit: -0.02 USDT (-0.02 BUSD)

SYSBUSD - (23 days ago) 2021-07-09 18:24:34 (-83.37%) (Delete offer)
Liquidity: 64 days
BID: 2021-05-06 17:00:24 (0.72039 BUSD)
ASK: 2021-07-09 18:24:34 (0.11979 BUSD)
Quantity: 0.10 SYS (0.07 BUSD)
Profit: -0.06 BUSD (-0.06 BUSD)

ANTBUSD - (23 days ago) 2021-07-09 18:24:30 (-67.59%) (Delete offer) (Manual purchase in the bot)
Liquidity: 63 days
BID: 2021-05-07 11:56:21 (11.3558 BUSD)
ASK: 2021-07-09 18:24:30 (3.68 BUSD)
Quantity: 0.10 ANT (1.14 BUSD)
Profit: -0.77 BUSD (-0.77 BUSD)

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Quick start for beginners

Enter the API keys on the 'Account' tab
API keys should be generated on the exchange website and then copied to the bot in the 'Account' tab
Go to and then at the top in the menu, expand the profile icon and click on 'API Management'. Create a new key, save the public and private keys in the notebook (to then save these keys in the bot), set only two permissions: 'Enable Reading' and 'Enable Spot & Margin Trading'

Make a test purchase on the 'Actions' tab
Set the investment limit and then buy the currency manually and check if it appears on the bot's offers list after a while

Copy plays from top players on the 'Copy moves' tab
Set up copying of moves from top users you will find at the very beginning of this 'Help' section. If you do not want to copy the plays, skip this step

Adjust the bot settings on the 'Settings' tab
Change 'TakeProfit' and many other parameters according to your preferences

Check the 'Filters and Alerts' tab if you want the bot to make purchases on its own
If you do not want to play the bot manually, configure the filters so that the bot can automatically place purchase offers

Analyze currencies on the 'Currency statistics' tab
Thanks to this tab, you will discover better currencies than those on which you have played so far

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