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Copying cryptocurrency signals from Telegram channels and groups is an innovative solution that allows traders access to professional analysis and recommendations. Thanks to the automation of the trading process and our trading bot, traders can save time and effort.

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Step 1:

Enter your registered phone number on Telegram (for example +48123456789):

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Step 2:

Enter the access code you received from the Telegram channel (go to the Telegram channel):

Optionally enter your password if you use 2FA in Telegram:

Confirm the code

Attention! Wait for confirmation from the Telegram channel. If the code has not been provided, please use the last code you received.

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List of Telegram channels and groups you want to copy from (select the appropriate groups and channels):

Keywords (separated by a semicolon) that accept the signal. (Note! The bot automatically analyzes the signal and in some cases you need to give it keywords to approve the signal):


Keywords (separated by a semicolon) that reject the signal. (Note! The bot automatically analyzes the signal and in some cases you need to give it keywords to reject the signal):


Keywords (separated by a semicolon) that mark the signal as SHORT. (Note! The bot automatically analyzes the signal and in some cases it needs to be provided with keywords to mark the signal as SHORT):


Words or sentences (separated by a semicolon) that remove content from the target signal:

Copy text only (no images):

Output signal format (will go to target channel) (you can use emoticons):

Instructions for writing a target template:
The whole content in the braces is cleared if the parameter in the braces is empty, e.g. for {TEST $tp5} the whole content will be cleared together with the word TEST if the parameter $tp5 is empty. The opening and closing buckles must be in one line, it is not possible to open the buckle in multiple lines.
Available parameters:
$coin $fiat $dir $from $to $tp1 $tp2 $tp3 $tp4 $tp5 $tp6 $tp7 $tp8 $tp9 $sl

Coin: {#$coin/$fiat}

Direction: {$dir}

{Entry: $from} {- $to}

{Target 1: $tp1}
{Target 2: $tp2}
{Target 3: $tp3}
{Target 4: $tp4}
{Target 5: $tp5}
{Target 6: $tp6}
{Target 7: $tp7}
{Target 8: $tp8}
{Target 9: $tp9}

{StopLoss: $sl}

Target channel or group where the copied correct signal will go:

Target channel or group where the copied erroneous signal will go:

Copying Cryptocurrency Signals from Telegram Channels and Groups (Public and Private)

Nowadays, investing in cryptocurrencies has become a popular way to earn money. Digital asset traders often use a variety of tools and strategies to succeed in the market. One such tool is 'Intralogic Auto Forward Bot' with the ability to copy cryptocurrency signals from Telegram channels and groups. This innovative technique allows traders to access cryptocurrency trading information and recommendations provided by experienced and qualified analysts.

How does copying cryptocurrency signals from Telegram channels and groups work?

Copying cryptocurrency signals from Telegram channels and groups involves the use of the 'Intralogic Auto Forward Bot' tool, which automatically reads and replicates the trading signals that are shared in these channels.
Users can select Telegram groups and channels from which they want to copy signals. Then, these signals can be automatically forwarded to your own channel. For some solutions, users can also customize the target signal format and layout with their own template.

Intralogic Trading Bot

Trading Bot is a key element in the signal copying process. After receiving a trading signal from Telegram channels and groups, 'Intralogic Trading Bot' automatically opens positions in the market according to the data contained in the signal. The bot can be configured to operate according to specific strategies and parameters, which allows you to automate the cryptocurrency trading process.

Benefits of copying cryptocurrency signals

Access to professional analysis: Copying signals from reputable Telegram channels and groups gives traders access to professional market analysis. Experienced analysts conduct in-depth research and analyze various aspects of the cryptocurrency market, providing recommendations for specific transactions.

Time and effort saving: Copying signals eliminates the need to independently analyze the market and make investment decisions. Traders can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of others, which saves time and effort needed for market research.

Possibility of automation: With 'Intralogic Trading Bot', cryptocurrency signals can be automatically read and trades opened based on these signals. This allows you to trade 24/7 without the need to constantly monitor the market.

Availability for different skill levels: Copying signals is available to traders of all levels of experience. Even novice traders can benefit from the knowledge and strategies of more experienced investors, which can accelerate their development in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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