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Product pricing

Visual BNF is priced at $7.90 ONLY per developer license.

You can buy software using credit-card:

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As a transaction number write your e-mail address for reference.

The version 1.0 License fee includes all incremental releases (e.g., version 1.1, 1.2, etc.) up through, but not including, version 2.0.

More information at sales@intralogic.eu

Licensing terms

A license is required for each developer who installs or uses the Visual BNF IDE, or who writes code that directly calls the Visual BNF parsing engine class framework.
The parsers you build with Visual BNF and the Visual BNF runtime components may be distributed royalty-free, and do not require additional licensing.
The End User License Agreement specifies the terms and conditions for using Visual BNF.