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Change Log

News and changes in the bot

2022-08-11 - FEATURE:Added rebuy multiplier parameter proportional to coin fall
2022-08-09 - FEATURE:Added function to reset statistics for negative accounts (option on the 'Actions' tab under history charts)
2022-07-12 - FEATURE:New Binance Futures Bot is launched
2022-06-14 - FEATURE:New OKX competition has started on the "Competition" tab
2022-05-20 - UPDATE:Average filters, e.g. the average trend from now on are grouped by market, and not as before, all markets in one bag were averaged
2022-05-09 - FEATURE:Intralogic Huobi Bot launched
2022-04-29 - UPDATE:BidLevel cannot be lower than -0.5 (due to not market spam)
2022-04-22 - FEATURE:Added filters 'Number of transactions' and 'Volume' for 1 day
2022-04-17 - FEATURE:OKX Bot launched
2022-04-11 - UPDATE:The values of the days of currency life in the filters are collected again since 40 days
2022-04-02 - FEATURE:In the 'Investment' column, there is information on how many % coin has to bounce to get to zero
2022-04-02 - FEATURE:In the 'Quantity' column, there is information about the current coin value in a given default currency
2022-03-27 - FEATURE:New filters 'Transations' and 'Volume'
2022-03-13 - FEATURE:New filter 'Coin spikes'
2022-03-12 - FEATURE:New filter 'Coin price' (rate)
2022-03-12 - UPDATE:Copyers open BID positions with the same rate as the copied person, in addition, the TP% value of such an item cannot be lower than the TP% value of the copied person. The bot will issue a TP% offer higher or the same as for the copied person
2022-03-12 - FEATURE:In the 'Age' column of the offer list, information in brackets about the duration since the last rebuy was purchased
2022-03-11 - FEATURE:The 'Rebuy unconditional' parameter has been moved from the rebuy filter group to the settings tab
2022-03-11 - FEATURE:In the signal copying tab, you can check each user of his signals subscribers. Signals are copied in the order of the user's ID number, as displayed in the list of subscribers
2022-03-10 - FEATURE:A new filter 'Fixed favorite currencies' has been added, which can be set independently in each group of groups, the locally added filter overwrites the global value of favorite fixed currencies