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Quick start for beginners

For starters, use only one slot, if it turns out to be insufficient then configure and run another slot.

Configuration of the first slot to quickly start investing with the bot:

1) Configure the 'Options' tab and run bot:

2) Go to the tab 'Payments' to buy signals from the selected provider (suppliers' signals and their quality along with statistics can be viewed on the tab 'Signals ')

3) Go to the tab 'Slot configuration'
        a) On slot #1 select the purchased signal
        b) Enter the maximum number of open symbols on the slot (i.e. 3)

4) Go to the tab 'Profit settings'
        a) On slot #1 set takeprofit and possibly stoploss parameters

5) Observe the tab 'Monitored coins'. It is on this tab that you will see open offers by bot

6) Familiarize yourself with other tabs. Perhaps you will want to configure the bot for advanced features

We also invite you to our facebook groups, where you can get more information: