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Frequently asked questions and answers.

The bot does not open a position

Browse the step-by-step instructions in the 'Help' tab and watch the YouTube video tutorial.
Check if the capital limit is set on the 'Stocks' tab and if it is not exceeded (under the capital limit there is information about the current capital use by the positions on the offer list) and make sure that you have available funds for the bot in a given FIAT currency.
Perform manual currency purchase in the 'Actions' tab, check if the item appears on the bot's offer board. Check if the item reports an error.
Check if you have enabled and configured copying of movements from other users entered on the 'Copying movements' tab.
Check if bot filter alerts are enabled. You should enable the filters on the 'Filters and Alerts' tab so that the suggested currencies go to the bot so that it can open positions.

The bot does not copy all the moves from the given profile

Check in the history of the stock exchange whether such orders took place, because perhaps the offers are copied and appear in the history of the stock exchange, but they were not bought because the price suddenly increased and canceled the offers in the bot.
Check when the position was last opened for the person you are copying. Perhaps the person in question has not had any new open positions in a long time.
Check that you have not exceeded the maximum number of positions on the board or that you have not exceeded the capital limit.
Check if you are copying manual movements of a given user or if you are copying only automatic movements of a given user's bot. Check what method the copied user plays, maybe he doesn't play the bot manually but only with automatic bot alerts, then you should copy his movements from alerts, not manual plays.
Check if the copied person plays manually or if he plays automatically according to his filters (see the 'Copy' column on his profile on the offer board). If the copied person does not play alone, but only copies someone else's movements, such movements cannot be copied. You must copy the profile. which does not copy others and plays itself with a bot with its own set filters and alerts